The time investment and financial complexities of divorce are daunting. Take the data gathering, attorney liaison, and endless details of the divorce process off of your busy hands to save you and your family time and costly errors.

Custom-Tailored Services

VIP Full Services

Private Clients receive concierge services from start to finish and beyond for your every need from financial fundamentals to sorting, organization and complete review of all your documents, including in-depth analysis, creative options, tax reviews, and a variety of helpful reports for you, and for your spouse if you are coming as a couple, and your respective attorney(s). Of course, we will cover whatever else comes up and is needed for your unique situation along the way.

Because we run a boutique, private practice with custom-tailored services, we limit the number of clients we work with at any one time to give intimate, individualized attention to each VIP client. We only work with new clients as my schedule allows and it is important to me that we are a good fit to work together.

To determine if that synergy exists between us, we start with a complimentary VIP Consultation where we review your case, determine your potential problem areas, assess your options, and lay out a foundation for your future. 

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To learn more about our VIP Full services or to get started, please schedule your complimentary phone call with Paula Woolcott, CDFA®.

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