Working with Paula was a deal changer on multiple levels. First, when she communicated with me, she spoke in clear understandable layman's language. I got her, she got me. She translated the "lawyer speak" into digestible, usable information that enabled me to make smart decisions.

Second, she filled the gap (which I previously didn't know existed) of what the lawyers wanted done and what they actually did. Prior to hiring Financial Divorce Designs, I was left holding the bag to get all this "gap" work done myself. It was miserable and time consuming.

Third, the cash flow analysis work she did was professional, accurate and concise. EXACTLY the kind of work I needed to go to court with.

Fourth, I didn't end up in court (because of Paula) as she was able to root out previously unbeknownst financial transactions of my former spouse. Having this information at hand WAS A GAME CHANGER. It forced my previous spouse to the negotiation table and probably saved me seven figures.

Financial Divorce Designs was worth every penny I paid them for expertise and time savings alone. The money I saved in the divorce (that I attribute to Paula's experience, knowledge & skill set) was exponentially more than the investment I made in hiring her. In my view, hiring Paula was significantly more important than choosing a lawyer.

Jack D. Google Review

I retained Paula to perform a forensic study of my family’s expenses. Her thorough work and inquiries stopped my former spouse from continuing litigation and arguing. This expedited my divorce process and helped me secure a fair settlement.

Laurie F. Google Review
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