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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®)

Studies indicate that people start contemplating a minimum of 6 months before they take any action. During that time of inaction, fears of the unknown grow and can create anger, animosity and other emotions that are unhealthy for you and your family. You may be tempted to do things that you’ll regret. For many, the first step - consult a Family Law Attorney. Lawyers will give you the legal information that you need but they will not be able to alleviate your financial fears.

By applying her vast financial and business experiences, Paula will set realistic financial expectations to support the idea that families can survive the divorce process and come out on the other side with their financial security, dignity, and respect for each other intact. Financial Divorce Designs proudly serves clients in Danville, Oakland, and all of California.

Gain Financial Success

Divorce Finance in California

Full Service Divorce Concierge
  • Act as your personal assistant/representative throughout the complete divorce process
    • Financial discovery and financial settlement design
    • Financial expert
    • Legal liaison
  • Can represent individual or family (neutral)
  • Provide referrals utilizing vast network of CDFA and Divorce Professionals
  • Post Divorce Financial Planning
  • Post Divorce Wrap up
Pre-Divorce Master Planning
  • Take the unknown out of the divorce process
  • Identify and document all sources of debt and equity (build a schedule/index/directory of assets and debts)
  • Identify and document all income streams and expenses
  • Design financial settlement scenarios to assess post divorce financial position
  • Prepare for initial meeting with attorney
  • Provide referrals utilizing vast network of CDFA® and Divorce Professionals
Lifestyle Analysis & Financial Forensics

Lifestyle Analysis

  • Understand monthly expenses to plan for support obligations and assessment of lifestyle maintenance post-divorce

Separate Property Tracing

  • Discover, clarify and value separate estate items from marital estate items
Financial Advocate
  • Provide clear financial direction for your attorney. Will work hand in hand with family law attorney to merge the financial and legal aspects of your divorce into your final decree
    • Act as a neutral financial advisor for both parties
    • Work as part of your mediation or collaborative team to build a divorce plan for your your family
  • Stock Options, RSU’s, Retirement and Pension Analysis and Discovery
  • Housing
  • Life and Medical Insurance
Pre-Nuptial Marital Estate Planning

Document and record separate property assets and debts prior to marital union

Post-Divorce Transition Management
  • Ensure all financial division transactions i.e., retirement accounts, stock accounts, QDRO’s, pension division occur in a timely manner
  • Set up new bank accounts, trusts, credit cards
  • Post divorce Financial Planning
  • New housing and financing
  • Calendar and track all outstanding items post-divorce.
  • Complete settlement of agreed upon division - can take up to a year.
  • Visitation and support agreements finalized and filed
  • Annual support true-ups (if applicable)

With me, as your trusted Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) by your side, you will feel confident that your optimal short and long-term financial outcome will be achieved.


My unique value proposition is that I understand both the legal process and the financial process in divorce.

Are you or someone you know

Contemplating Divorce?

Individuals start contemplating divorce a minimum of 6 months before they take any action, studies indicate. During that time of inaction, fears of the unknown grow and can create anger, animosity and other emotions that are unhealthy. They talk to close friends or family and often times are tempted to do things that they regret.

For many, the first step-consult an attorney. Lawyers provide the needed legal information but they will not be able to alleviate the financial fears.